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Fabric Specific Instructions and Tips


Cotton, Polyester, and Blends

Follow Directions Listed on packaging

Iron Temp: High Heat

Nylon Blend Stockings/Tights

Iron Temp: Med High Heat

Iron for additional time if needed

Warning: Not all Nylon stocking are created equal. To be safe DO NOT let your iron touch the stockings as it could damage the material. 

Baby / Toddler Shoes

Iron Temp: High Heat

Follow Directions List on Packaging

Tip: Take your time when ironing on. You may need to iron for additional time in sections to get the pressure needed. Check out the design after the transfer paper is moved, inspect and use your iron to hit additional sections that may need it. 

Warning: Be careful not to let your iron touch the more delicate sides of the shoe as you are pressure maximun applying. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Fabric Does Sticky Feet work best on?

We have tested Sticky Feet on every kids clothing fabric we could find and they have worked great! Baby shoe bottoms can vary. You will need to iron directly onto the design for additional time so the material must be able to take the heat. Example: Rubber soles will melt.

What is is best way to apply the product?

I've found my ideal way is to lay a thin towel (I use a dish towel) on the floor and use this as my work station. This allows me to sit on my knees and apply the full body pressure needed.

Can they be applied to PJs that already have non-slip but aren't very effective or has warn off?

It may depend on the material, but yes. I have added Sticky Feet to my daughters favorite footed PJs where the non slip had been warn down and stopped being effective . It worked great and she was able to wear them until they were outgrown.

Since the iron is set to max temp, should I be afraid I may melt or burn my material?

The transfer paper acts as a great barrier between your iron and your material. Cotton, Polyester, and Blends can take the high heat no problem. 

For Nylon tights, I recommend skipping the step of ironing the reverse side of the fabric because you may damage the nylon with direct high heat.  

Do you have any tips for applying Sticky Feet to baby shoes?

It can be hard to get the even pressure needed when applying to shoes. After the final step of ironing directly onto the design, I inspect and then use the tip of my iron to hit any spots that don't look fully adhered for additional time.

Can the product be washed and dryed after being applied.

Yes! We have successfully tested all Sticky Feet designs through many wash and dry cycles.