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About Us

Made of 100% Silicone


Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Washable, Dryable, Soft to the Touch, and Durable

The Possibilties are Endless


Our designs can be ironed onto just about ANY fabric. 

Our Story


I am a mom of two little girls and like every mom I want to keep my kids happy and safe. As my little ones started to stand up and eventually walk, I became frustrated watching them slip and fall in their footed pajamas, socks, and baby shoes. One of my solutions - cut off the feet of all their footed PJs they'd slip in. I would buy those adorable baby/toddler shoes and come to realize my girls would never wear them because they weren't practical. Why would anyone sell 9M+ anything with no real non-slip grippers?! 

I also found stockings and tights to be a problem. The girls would slip all over the hardwood floor if I took off their shoes. I searched for a solution. Something I could add to the bottoms of the items I already had. I was surprised to have found no products that could solve this problem. So I decided to create my own!