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Application Instructions

Check out our instructional video!

1. Preheat your iron to just about max temp, or around 430 F (220 C)

2. On a hard, flat surface, place your chosen material as flat as possible. 

RECOMMENDED: Insert a cardboard cutout into the sock/PJs/Stockings to help create the hard flat surface you need for ideal results.

3. Place the product, textured side down, where you desire. 

4. With even full body pressure, iron for 20+ seconds. Do not move your iron. 

5. If possible, flip your material over and iron the reverse side for 15 seconds. (skip this step if ironing onto tights or other delicate fabrics)

6. Allow the transfer paper to cool completely before peeling off - about 4 minutes.  

7. Starting at the tip of the toes, slowly peel off the transfer paper using your thumb to guide the design off. 

8. FINAL STEP: After the transfer paper is removed, iron directly onto the design for 5 seconds. This is a very important step as it helps to solidify the design into the fabric.  

TIP: Check your design to see if any parts are not completely adhered to your material, due to uneven or light pressure. Simply iron that section directly for a few additional seconds until you feel it is firmly adhered. 


Instructional Video

Tips For Applying Sticky Feet to All Different Kinds of Product and Materials